Designer Morkipoo Male Puppy, "CLICK PIC FOR INFO”


Designer Morkipoo Male Puppy, "CLICK PIC FOR INFO” 0023
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1a. Puppy NAME, SEX, and DATE OF BIRTH:
1b: Puppy Price:
2. Shipping:
3.Buyer that makes all payments must also add their name and signature to all contracts and will be added to health certificat​e and shipping way bill. Type in your full name to confirm u understand​:
4. "If shipping" Name of person picking pup up at airport? Aprox shipping date given by seller, and airport to ship puppy to? If not shipping write N/A:
5. If picking up in person any amount owed must be paid in ONLY CASH at pick up. Aprox pick up date given by seller? Or write N/A if shipping instead:
6. Any additional notes for seller:
7. Ear Cropping:
8. Boarding Per Week:
9a. Additional Services/F​ees:
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10. Your Name if u agree to Jordan Family Treasures Health & Purchase Agreement, & if applicable the Teacup Puppy Care Agreement. No puppy is ON HOLD until all contracts are returned signed to seller: