COVID 19 / CORONA VIRUS UPDATE: Although we are ALL social distancing at this time puppies are still being born and are available for homes… We are able to have your puppy delivered to your front door if you are not leaving your home. You are also very welcome to come pick up your pup in person if you desire. This is the perfect time, while you are at home, to get a puppy and spend quality time to train and bond with your new family member. There is no risk of transmission between human and dogs, Covid 19 is a (human), virus. Your puppy will be bathed in Chlor4 shampoo right before leaving our home, and we are careful to use safe social distancing, washing hands, disinfecting hands + surfaces at transfer.

    Breeding the drive, size, and muscle you see in a working Giant Schnauzer into a dog that will also excel in AKC conformation, and be of the upmost health and vigor. Yes, you can have it all! Our pups make wonderful family pets, working dogs, and excellent therapy/service dogs. Parents are WORKING DOGS on our FARM. We health test our parents for VWBTHYROIDHIPS and EYES. We also champion title many of our adults in AKC Conformation.

    Deposit List For FUTURE UPCOMING Giant Litters, "Click Pic For Info"

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    Jordan Giant Schnauzers, text/call 9am to 9pm cst please, Tina: 816-866-6104

    LITTER UPDATES: Syrena and Mystic litter born 5-25-20, 3 males 5 females in that litter. / Pearl and Rowdy litter born 5-27-20, 4 males 6 females in that litter. Pearl and Syrena's pups cost $2400 to $3000. Destiny bred to Rowdy: 2 males and 1 female pup born 5-31-20, destiny's pups will be $3000 to $3500... Will update numbers if we loose any from mom's laying on them, which happens sometimes with large breed litters.. TAKING DEPOSITS NOW FOR THESE AND FUTURE LITTERS…LOOK AT DEPOSIT LIST BELOW TO SEE WHAT OTHERS SAY THEY WANT. PUPS ARE CHOSEN AT 5 WKS OF AGE AND LEAVE AT 8 WEEKS OF AGE.
    Current Litters: Syrena bred to Mystic, and Pearl bred to Rowdy: pups will be $2600 to $3000... Those of you that were wanting Barbosa as stud should consider getting a pup from Pearl or Syrena because I’m not sure Barbosa Will give us many pups when we do stud with him again, he is getting older and last couple litters he sired only had a few pups. It maybe about time to retire him from breeding.. The two girls Pearl and Syrena are his grand daughters so have his genes if you want him in the lines.


    Below- Bred in May and due in July if breedings take:

    Rowdy Ann bred to Mystic started breeding 5-9-20: pups will be $2600 to $3000

    Nova from Ukraine bred to Barbosa: pups will be $2600 to $3000. Bred mid to late May.

    Bella bred to Mystic: pups will be $2600 to $3000. Bred mid to late May.
    Below- Bred end of June so due Aug-Sept.
    My daughter’s dog Piper bred to Rowdy. And I will receive two pick pups for breeding fee.
    UPDATE ON PRICE: AS OF 6-5-20 FULL AKC FOR BREEDING AND CONFORMATION IS A $3500 PUP. If you place a deposit on or after 6-5-20 and want full registration for breeding, the pup will be $3500. If you are interested in a pup that is a cheaper pup you can call to discuss if that pup is good enough for full papers and you pay the difference for it. All puppies leave with limited AKC otherwise, and full registration is given at breeders discretion.

    Keep in mind we will want to talk to you first to see if you would make a good home for one of our puppies. Our giants are family to us and each puppy is precious. We do not breed every heat, and some dogs in process of attaining a championship may not be bred this year. So please send an email and ask who may have puppies in 2020 if interested. Some dogs listed on our adult page are now retired.

    Black Giant Schnauzer Pups. Parents have been health tested. Our puppies will come with AKC puppy registration papers, shots and wormings up to date, and a nice health guarantee. Also includes food and vitamins, and a free microchip implanted. Tails and dew claws are docked at 3 days of age, so if you want a long tailed puppy you will need to choose one before this age, keep in mind a long tail is not to the US akc breed standard. Look on our ADULT Page to see the SIRES /DAMS Photos and testing info, again some are retired now so ask if there is certain parents you want a puppy from. Tina 816-866-6104 or email

    All Pups will be microchipped, graded, and priced at 5 weeks of age. That is when those on deposit list choose which puppy they want. You can contact me for info on getting on our deposit list or if you still have questions after looking over our full website. Most questions can be answered from reading the site. We only keep one deposit list. IF YOU MADE A DEPOSIT YOU MUST CHECK TO MAKE SURE YOUR NAME IS ON IT!!! IF YOU DO NOT SEE YOUR NAME ON OUR SITE CALL ME ASAP BECAUSE THAT MEANS YOU ARE NOT ON THE LIST!!!

    Puppies are sold on a first deposit first choice bases, so even if puppy buyer states a certain parent dog they want a puppy from, they can always change their mind and get a puppy sooner or change the sex they want. I send an email to everyone on list when a litter is born.

    Prices: Males tend to be on the higher end of prices. Female prices can go either way. Pups are priced at 5 weeks of age. Prices are $2400 to $3000 for 90% of our pups even though we do sometimes have cheaper ones. (CH Destiny's pups are $3000 to $3500) If full AKC is wanted pup is $3000 or $3500 depending on mother. Full AKC as for showing in conformation and breeding are given at breeder's discretion. Ear cropping if wanted is $450.

    .... Update for Destiny, Syrena, Pearl’s litters ready to leave in July: (for the litters ready to leave in July; vet is on vacation so can not crop ears until 7-24 so you can get your pup as soon as ears are cropped and you or your vet can take sutures out or you can wait 7 more days until sutures are removed by me to get your pup. If pup is a lot bigger shipping might cost more.) If you are on deposit list and want to visit pups before they are graded and chosen you need to visit the weekend of June 26th, before they are 5 wks old. Visits are on an appointment bases and “DO NOT BRING ANY ANIMALS ONTO OUR PROPERTY!” ...

    Shipping: to most places in US is $450 at 8 wks of age size. UPDATE: shipping is currently $570 because of covid for an 8 wk old puppy size dog. If cheaper the difference is refunded. If your pup is much older than shipping might cost more. Boarding if needed is $75 each week and we will only board for a few weeks. Boarding is not available on puppies with newly cropped ears. Keep in mind It is very important for a Giant pup to be with it's new family as early as possible for bonding and to get training started early before your pup is a large puppy, (at 8 wks preferred). $500 Deposit is not refundable, it holds your spot on deposit list until you choose a puppy to reserve. Even if you want a pup from certain parents, the deposit will be slid to another current or future litter if you do not get a pup from that litter. Non refundable means “non refundable”. This supersedes anything you might have written as to what you wanted on your purchase form when you place your deposit. If any payment beyond the deposit is made the extra payment is considered store credit and is never refundable.


    Call to discuss what I may have available.... Many people on deposit list are waiting for a pup from a certain breeding, so I may have a pup available for you if you call or text me today and ask what we have available.

    Current Deposits:

    As of 6-7-20 there are 9 males and 12 females in our 3 current litters, next litters will be born in July. After that it will be end of 2020 or beginning 2021. Pups are chosen at 5 wks of age starting with first person on list. You stay on list until we have a pup available you decide to reserve when we get to you on list.

    Deposit 1. Milyn prefers male from Rowdy Ann's litter if available, ears natural, and will ship.

    Deposit 2. R. Crawford waiting for a male in early 2021. Ears possibly cropped, will ship. Not a current litter.

    Deposit 3. Pellerin family wants a male with full AKC from Rowdy Ann or Destiny’s Next litter if possible, ears cropped, and will ship if possible to canada or pu if not possible to ship.

    Deposit 4. Turner family wants male or female, possibly Rowdy Ann's litter, puppy drive most important so wants to see how pups are at 5 wks of age in each litter, ears natural, and will ship.

    Deposit 5&6: Boucher family wants unrelated full AKC 17- male and 18- female, ears natural, and will PU. Possibly 1 from Rowdy Ann and 1 from Nova.

    Deposit 7. Bonnie M. wants a male of my choosing. In a future litter, Not this summer. ears natural, will pu.

    Deposit 8. Martin family wants male, ears natural, soft, and will Pu.

    Deposit 9. Oles/Rat family prefers male, ears natural and will Pu.

    Deposit 10. Stein/Rae family wants male or female later July litters, ears natural and will Pu.

    Deposit 11. Rumrill family wants male, ears natural and will meet at airport.

    Deposit 12. Kristy family wants male, ears natural, will ship.

    Deposit 13. Lazcano family wants male prefer from Nova July litter if possible, ears natural, will ship.

    Deposit 14. Gautsch family wants male or female, ears tail natural, will pu.

    Deposit 15. Chavez family wants male, ears natural, will ship.

    Deposit 16. Ht bros / Trevino family wants male, ears natural, will ship.

    Deposit 17. E. Watson wants male, ears natural, will ship.

    Deposit 18. Lalita G. wants male, ears natural, will ship. first choice would be Rowdy Ann’s July Litter.

    Deposit 19. Weekes family prefers a male from Barbosa if available, ears natural, will Pu.

    Deposit 20. Calloway family prefers a male from Nova x Barbosa if available, ears natural, will ship.

    Deposit 21. F. Duenas prefers a male from Mystic x Bella if available, ears natural, will ship.

    Deposit 22. Winslow family prefers a female, ears natural, will ship.

    Deposit 23. Weaver family prefers a male from Destiny or Rowdy Ann, ears cropped, full AKC, will ship.

    Since our deposits are NOT REFUNDABLE, below is what happens if you can not get a pup after you placed a deposit to get on our deposit list: We keep your info until you get a pup down the road. Not really on deposit list but in a HOLD PATTERN until they want to be on notification list again.

    Deposit 00 "Not Numbered" Fraser Family, Can't get a puppy right now, Keep info and will contact me when ready to start getting notified on new litters again. wants female full akc, Ears natural and will ship, wanting a (future unborn puppy).

    Tina- Call 9am to 9pm CST or 24/7 if an emergency... 816-866-6104

    Please read (Payment / Guarantee) page and then call us before making any payments.

    Jordan Giants Desk Top Link to Payment Form:

    Mobil Link to Payment Form:

    Tina- Call 9am to 9pm CST or 24/7 if an emergency... 816-866-6104


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